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Apr 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
that, we know president obama has been briefed on a regular basis by homeland security adviser, lisa monaco, and fbi director bob mueller, what happens as he gets these updates, he pulls his cabinet together and they will, one, give them a common view of what the situation is, what the risks are, what they know and what they don't know what are the key questions they are trying to get answered right now? the president will give clear direction to cabinet members how they can support bob muller and the department of homeland security in aiding state and local officials and helping to reach out to international allies who have information. it really isn't means for the president to show leadership in his cabinet. give direction and make sure that every one of the cabinet members understands what the roles and responsibilities are to assist the united states in solving the investigation. >> we alwaysee commander in chi consoler in chief. what is appropriate for the president to say on days like this, and what things he should stay away from. >> the cabinet meeting is to make sure
Apr 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
lot of blood everywre >>redent obama was briefed his homeland security, and unterterrosm teams. he will get another briefing later this morning. anti, no real sign of rush ur i. the normally bustling aref th ty, bls thetrts where thettksook place, completely shut down as the investigation conditioncontinues no small thg. where copley place is, an entry to the prudential center. of police activity right here, we've seen trucks going b and nearby in reveer, massachusetts, about five miles north of boston, officers were busy for hours, searching an apartment there. doing it with consent. that is crucial. that means they did not mn a warran stl, it looks like they left n' pamela brown is live in reveer. continuing team coverage. pamela, what's happening right now? >> well, john, we are learning some new information this morning. according to n producerarol crowley, t ridt inside that lives in the artnt tt authorities she yesterday starting at 5:00 m., a young at saudiesens in tudent vi. questioned right now, but last official word is nothing was found inside the apartment that was sear
Apr 19, 2013 4:00am PDT
and watertown, john. he was briefed overnight as this situation developed by his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser lisa monaco. the white house is in very close contact with the fbi, as well. while the white house is monitoring the situation right now, don't expect president obama or the white house is really be interjected into this at this point. obviously this is very much an evolving situation. a fast-moving situation. we're not really expecting to hear anything of substance from the white house, i would say, until this sort of comes to a conclusion. again, president obama up to date overnight, and this morning on what's going on there in boston. in newtown. he will continue to monitor the events there. >> all right, thank you very much, brianna keilar at the white house for us this morning. again, president obama just here yesterday lifting the spirits of boston as part of that memorial service. very different morning as the manhunt for one of the suspects is very much under way. >> to bring you up to speed, there is a manhunt under way for one of the two suspects
Apr 17, 2013 4:00am PDT
. president obama was briefed overnight by his homeland security adviser lisa monaco. she will be briefing him again this morning, along with fbi director robert mueller. as well his attorney general eric holder. we've learned that president obama is going to this memorial service in boston, an interfaith memorial service to remember those victims of the -- of the bombing. those who were killed. those who were seriously injured. this will be at the cathedral of the holy cross tomorrow. it's going to be an emotional event. we've already sort of gotten a sense of maybe some of the, i guess stories that he may touch on. he was talking yesterday about how some folks who had run the marathon, even after going through that grueling race, went to hospitals to donate blood for people who were suffering, who were gravely injured, in the wake of the bombings. these are some of the certainly some of the tones, and some of the themes that he will be triking tomorrow, chris. >> our thanks to brianna keilar at the white house this morning. again, we have some new information from cnn analyst fr
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4